Ceramic parts from ST

are available in any standard material

including non-oxide ceramics

and in virtually any quantity as well as large parts for the chemical industry

and grinding balls ranging from 0.3 mm to 25 mm plus rare earths powders are all part of the product range

Ceramic Parts

Sintertechnik (ST) manufactures ceramic products solely from first-rate and tried-and-tested raw material additives in state-of-the-art manufacturing processes. We strive to deliver maximum quality, personal consultation, delivery reliability and service! It is not without reason that ST is a fundamentally A-supplier to the two market leaders in drive technology in the world, who have been ST customers for 30 years now. And it is not without reason that ST parts are used in extreme conditions – for example on Mars!

The huge potential of high-quality ceramic materials implies, e.g. excellent wear properties, high operating temperature range, and high resistance towards aggressive media. ST has a broad selection of materials and experience in the manufacture of oxidic, carbidic and nitridic materials. The components we make have been successfully used in wear protection applications, e.g. in cladding for erosion-prone industrial equipment. Our products are used in the chemical/petrochemical industry, in the production of machinery and plant installations, as well as in open-pit mining. Non-standard applications and future potentials lie particular in the fields of medical technology, military technology and aerospace engineering. Our product range includes nozzles, cones, air bearings, ball bearings, pistons, pump components, sliding rings, deflecting components, guides, anti-wear components, lining and plates.

The ceramic materials made by Sintertechnik GmbH are marked, in particular, by their excellent properties which in practice can increase the service life of wear parts and thus clearly reduce non-productive time and machine downtime, thus helping to cut overall costs. ST offers a broad spectrum of advanced and functional ceramics and is as your side as a competent and efficient partner. The following oxidic ceramic materials are produced:

° Aluminium oxide
° Zirconium oxide
° Zirconim steatite

In addition, we manufacture components and assemblies made of carbidic and nitridic ceramics such as:

° Silicon carbide
° Silicon nitride

The newest product group available from ST are precision balls and grinding balls made of zirconium oxide with diameters from 0.2mm up to 25mm. New arrivals in the product range are also the rare earths powders.

Thanks to our close co-operation with various universities both at home and abroad, as well as contracting partners across the world (e.g. in the Far East), we can offer you solutions based on our own resources or, depending on the individual requirements, developed in conjunction with our long-term partners. This also enables us to offer these products at internationally competitive prices. We are very happy to offer you an individual, application-specific consultation and develop a tailor-made solution in accordance with your specifications and tolerances – don’t hesitate to contact us!

We are pleased to answer your questions and help find a solution to your problems with new and innovative materials.
Do you have a question you would like to ask, or perhaps your own materials do not meet the specific demands of a given application?
Then send us an e-mail.

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