Mission and Vision

The foundation of our lasting success is based on an unwavering and continuous advancement and development of our products based on a certified quality management (QM) as per ISO 9001:2015. Our goal is to establish and further long-lasting partnerships with our clientele and suppliers through constant quality improvements and innovations in all of our products and processes. The application of our products ensures our customers an enduring competitive advantage. Our central focus is customer satisfaction, as well as our commitments and responsibilities to our partners, our personnel, the community and the environment.

Principle Guidelines


  • The quality of our products and our innovative capacity pertaining to customer-specific problem-solving in the material-engineering sector are prerequisites for the success of our company.
  • Each and every employee is responsible for their work and is therefore a significant and crucial part of our success. We aim for a zero defect policy.
  • The management and all personnel are committed to comply with all guidelines and procedures of the QM, as well as all regulatory and legal requirements.
  • All measures to implement our quality policies are effected within appropriate limits.
  • The efficacy of our QM-measures are measured and evaluated on a regular basis.




  • A positive operating result based on:
    • Planning
    • Responsible management
  • A high customer satisfaction rate achieved through:
    • Quality and innovation
    • Punctuality and reliability
    • Flexibility in order execution
    • Optimal compliance and fulfillment of orders
    • Fast and efficient reaction times in case of complaints
  • Premium quality products and services based on:
    • Professional competence and qualifications of our personnel
    • Experienced, highly trained and motivated staff
    • Individual responsibilities of each member of our personnel
    • Communication based on mutual respect within a pleasant working environment

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