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Did you know that Sintertechnik (ST) has been developing and manufacturing high performance materials for more than 55 years now?

Did you know that Sintertechnik (ST) products work reliably even in space?

Did you know that Sintertechnik (ST) ceramic ball bearings can be used at temperatures above 1,000°C?

Did you know that Sintertechnik (ST) electronic devices help reduce electromagnetic noise levels and extend the lifetime of electric motors?

Did you know that Sintertechnik (ST) is a R&D-partner of renowned industrial enterprises and high-tech companies?

Did you know that Sintertechnik (ST) components are even in use on the planet Mars?

Did you know that Sintertechnik (ST) can also help you plan, develop and build-up your own material production process?

Did you know that Sintertechnik (ST) materials and technologies come from Pretzfeld – the place of activity of Professor Schottky, one of the major physicists of our time? What better motivation and drive!


Sintertechnik GmbH is a German company founded in 1962, specialized in the development and production of high tech material components. Sintertechnik has been established as an important research partner for well-known industrial companies and aviation and space technology companies. Our clients are i.e. the global leaders in propusion technology – for more than 35 years. Materials produced and processes developed by Sintertechnik GmbH have proven their reliability in aerospace applications or on the planet Mars and are used for i.e. zero-g parabolic flights. We are glad to receive any new request for your customer specific material solution!



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